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Unveiling Tread Horizon: The Ultimate Construction Materials Intelligence Platform

Pioneering a Comprehensive Platform for the Construction Materials Industry


Tread's Vision of Materials IntelligenceTM

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At Tread, our mission has been to deliver simple, powerful solutions to construction materials logistics enterprises. As we meet more and more customers in our industry - we realize how incredible and urgent the opportunity is to help meet the rapidly-changing environment in Construction Materials.

The need for comprehensive software - one that seamlessly-connects customers, fleets, brokers, owner operators, and producers and, that provides visibility across ETAs, order progress, and hauler status, and that takes the invoicing process from a week-long ordeal to just a few minutes, has never been more clear. 

Each stakeholder has a critical role to play. 


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The Construction Materials Industry is Changing Rapidly

Changing industry dynamics have made Aggregates logistics just as timely and urgent as Ready Mix. Software in Aggregates and Materials Hauling can no longer be a second thought, a nice to have, or a project for next season. Customers are accustomed to live data from services like Uber and real-time order tracking from Amazon deliveries, and are demanding the same visibility, automated ETAs, and on-time invoicing with audit controls as other consumer industries.

With infrastructure spending about to skyrocket, the need for software and upgrading the efficiency of operations for all stakeholders is no longer a nice to have, it’s mission critical. 

Our objective at Tread is to deliver meaningful ROI to all of our customers. But over the years we learned that while we were very efficient at solving one piece of the puzzle, true ROI could only be delivered with a solution that served the entire value chain. Our customers were the first to point out this need – as we worked closely to design solutions to their most pressing challenges, the scope kept expanding and expanding. In this industry, these problems and opportunities just do not exist in isolation. We knew we needed to solve the full end-to-end workstream.




While Tread started in dispatch, we soon uncovered that critical logistics work streams required scheduling and routing, scale tickets & eTickets, maintenance records, equipment compliance and insurance reporting, foreman sign off, invoice creation, driver settlements, carbon accounting and reporting, messaging, and robust reporting to all be managed by one solution.

As we tried to stretch our platform to meet these expanding needs reality set in. We now know that this industry doesn’t need extensions, or more features stuffed into existing workflows. We need an overhaul.

You deserve a true end-to-end platform for Construction Materials Intelligence. 

Tread Horizon: The Future of Materials Intelligence

Materials Intelligence is the industry's first end-to-end solution for all stakeholders in the construction materials value chain. We’ve taken nearly a decade of experience and the voice of customers of all sizes across Materials Production, Buying, and Hauling to deliver an intelligent, powerful platform for the massively complex and time-consuming workflows and processes involved in construction materials. 

We’ve reimagined our software offering with five principles in mind: 


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We’ve re-designed all of our primary flows to ensure our software can deliver true ROI for your business, and there’s a metric and report for each primary business objective. Tread will immediately transform your operation by helping you:


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Tread Horizon: Features at a Glance

With Tread Horizon, your team will have access to the following powerful, all-in-one functionality:

Empower your sales team with our new comprehensive project and order intake: Comprehensive project and order intake and management, for sales, plant managers, and dispatchers. Manage all orders, including FOB and delivery orders, in one place.

Ensure capacity utilization and route efficiency with scheduling and routing: Dispatching has always been the beating heart of Tread’s software. After watching hundreds of hours of dispatchers using Tread to manage their day, we’ve made the process even easier, allowing you to dispatch with even fewer clicks and more precision. 

Get consistent, reliable GPS tracking with rebuilt mobile application: Mobile application that makes it easy for your haulers to get onboarded. With clear onboarding and permissioning, we inform your haulers and owner operators how to best work with your dispatching team. Because we live in a mobile world, we’ve put mobile first and will continue to innovate in this area and launch features such as in-app truck maps, messaging, ticket scanning, time approvals, schedule management, and even reporting, so Haulers will love using the new app (and work with you, rather than your competitor). 


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Track every load with automatic and accurate Scale Ticket capture and integrations: We’ve upgraded your ability to manage equipment in Tread, making our eTicket integrations even more powerful and accurate. Additionally, enhanced OCR capabilities make our ticket capture from our mobile app even more reliable. 

Get paid, and pay out, faster and in less time: Introducing a powerful and robust invoicing rates system that allows you to manage all the complexities of your invoicing. Keep your rates up to date, and personalized for each account and vendor, without having to memorize anything. 

Integrate with your existing software solutions: Built with an API-first architecture - connect Tread to your scale, telematics, ERP, and accounting solutions simply. 

Enjoy peace of mind with a compliant, secure, and multilingual solution: Tread is in process of achieving SOC2 compliance, and architected with best-in-class security principles, ensuring your data stays your data. Built from day one with international compatibility in mind - Tread goes wherever your business is. 


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