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About Us

We Are Tread-inators!

We Are Tread

A fast-growing and motivated team working to transform the construction industry by building the world's best transportation management system. Through simple design, outstanding customer experience, and world-class support, Tread is working together across time zones and geographies to pave the way forward.

If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place. We’re industrious. We’re scrappy. We’re innovative. If this sounds like you, view our open positions and join our team - we would love to have you!


The User is my Focus
We win by delighting our customers.

Move Fast and Simply
We commit to actions, making every minute and every second count.

Learn Through Honesty
We have hard conversations about wins and losses, bringing solutions to ensure we grow from both.

Work on What Matters
We prioritize high impact activities that generate meaningful outcomes.

I am an Owner
We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of commitments.

I am Part of the Culture
We treat each other with respect and seek to attract and grow exceptional people.

Ready to transform the construction industry?

Meet the Team

Transforming the future of bulk material trucking is a lofty goal, but the leadership team behind Tread is up to the challenge!

Executive Leadership

Noah Dolgoy (he/him), Founder & CEO

Noah was first exposed to the challenges of managing heavy equipment and subcontractors when he started a residential construction business while attending university. While he worked in infrastructure private equity and corporate law, he subsequently advised an excavation company where he experienced the same challenges as in his first business, prompting him to turn to technology in 2016 and start Tread.

Ahmad El-Dardiry
Ahmad El-Dardiry (he/him), President, COO & Board Director

Ahmad has built and led diverse teams in complex environments for over 25 years. Before Tread, Ahmad spent nearly 20 years with Intel, growing as a senior business leader and driving the organization’s most exciting and disruptive new memory technologies. Following Intel, Ahmad served as the Chief Operating Officer at Transfix – a leading digital freight brokerage and one of Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups

Ahmed Nawaz
Ahmed Nawaz (he/him)

Product Manager

Alan Williams-1
Alan Williams (he/him)

VP of Engineering

Aleks Dlugosz
Aleks Dlugosz (he/him)

Communications Specialist

Amy Bricker-1
Amy Bricker (she/her)

Account Executive

Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez (he/him)

Account Executive

Anubha Bais
Anubha Bais (she/her)

Software Developer in Test

Anupriya Selvam - small
Anupriya Selvam (she/her)

QA Specialist

Armugan Ashraf
Armugan Ashraf (she/her)

Software Engineer

Ashley Coleman
Ashley Coleman (she/her)

Executive Assistant

Ben Morse
Ben Morse (he/him)

Director, Strategic Accounts

Benjamin Fitzer
Benjamin Fitzer (he/him)

Account Manager

Brian Rubio Duran - small
Brian Rubio Duran (he/him)

Mobile Engineer

Brian Yew
Brian Yew (he/him)

Product Designer

Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez (he/him)

Associate Account Manager

Conor Downey
Conor Downey (he/him)

Senior FS Software Engineer

Coralyz Gonzalez-Medina
Coralyz Gonzalez-Medina (she/her)

Customer Support Representative

Curt Lederle (he/him)

VP Sales and Marketing

Dominique Luna
Dominique Luna (he/him)

Software Engineer

Hassan Mohammad
Hassan Mohammad (he/him)

FS Software Engineer

Jacob Hovey - small
Jacob Hovey (he/him)

QA Co-op

Jeffrey Lin
Jeffrey Lin (he/him)

Business Intelligence Associate

Joey Keum
Joey Keum (he/him)

Software Engineer

John Cambi
John Cambi (he/him)

Software Engineer

Keerysanth Sribaskaran - small
Keerysanth Sribaskaran (he/him)

Software Engineer

Laura Liggett-1
Laura Liggett (she/her)

Customer Success Representative

Lauren Mandel
Lauren Mandel (she/her)

Director of People Operations

Leart Pivera
Leart Pireva (he/him)

Senior Product Manager

Marco Alvarez
Marco Alvarez (he/him)

Customer Success Manager

Matija Kamikovski (he/him)

Head of Finance

Max Marhenke-1
Max Marhenke (he/him)

Account Executive

Megan McCain
Megan McCain (she/her)

Account Executive

Mickey Tran
Mickey Tran (she/her)

Technical Project Manager

Miguel Salazar - small
Miguel Salazar (he/him)

Senior Manager, Engineering

Natasha Gouveia
Natasha Gouveia (she/her)

Product Designer

Olukayode Akanmu
Olukayode Akanmu (he/him)

Senior Back End Engineer

Prasang Misra - cropped
Prasang Misra (he/him)

Senior FS Software Engineer

Roberto Villanueva
Roberto Villanueva (he/him)

Digital Marketing Manager

Samir Ghias
Samir Ghias (he/him)

Software Developer Co-op

Shea Thielen (he/him)
Shea Thielen (he/him)

Software Engineering Manager

Tyler DuBroy
Tyler DuBroy (he/him)

Account Manager

Varsha Chaudhary
Varsha Chaudhary (she/her)

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Veniamin Muler
Veniamin Muler (he/him)

Principal Front End Engineer

Vipul Goyal (he/him)
Vipul Goyal (he/him)

Senior Quality Engineering Manager

Vuong Bui-1
Vuong Bui (he/him)

Software Engineer

Yash Patel
Yash Patel (he/him)

FS Software Engineer

Zhan Liau
Zhan Liau (he/him)

Director of Software Engineering

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