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Digitizing Dispatch & Proof of Work

with Curt Lederle, VP Strategy & Marketing, TREAD


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Florida Transportation Builders' Association
2023 Construction Conference: February 7-8, 2023
Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

How to Successfully Digitize Proof of Work and Dispatch Processes

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Date: Wednesday, February 8 at 10:15-12:00 PM

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Demand for improved transportation infrastructure is increasing, and if pavers, contractors, and trucking companies in Florida want to keep up with it, they will need to replace their current analog processes with more efficient ones. In this session, we discuss how technology can boost efficiency, save your business time and money, accelerate order to cash, improve dispatch, and track materials, all while replacing the typical analog process.

What We’ll Cover:

  • How can digital dispatch help you secure trucks faster than before?
  • How does GPS tracking help identify which drivers are best performing?
  • How to ensure that your hired haulers share GPS data?
  • Why does digitizing your proof of work reduce errors and help you accelerate your order to cash time?
  • What digitization really means, and why it isn’t JUST turning paper tickets into PDFs?

How John Aarts Digitized Their Dispatching and Truck Management

About the Speaker

Curt Lederle - Headshot
Curt Lederle: VP, Strategy & Marketing, Tread


Curt trained as a civil engineer at McGill University in Montreal and worked with firms in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto before transitioning into business. After negotiating construction and service contracts for utility-scale wind turbines, he transitioned into leading sales teams for a SaaS API platform that Zendesk acquired. Today, Curt is a Vice President at Tread, where he has found his dream job combining construction and technology. Curt has led and scaled sales, marketing, and data teams and corporate strategy with a focus on early-stage technology companies.

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Who is Tread?

We're an industry-leading transportation management system that helps customers move more construction materials with Dispatch, Tracking, and Tickets & Timesheets platforms. Through our web and mobile software, operations staff gain the ability to schedule and send jobs instantly to hundreds of drivers, track internal and external fleets, accurately collect ticket and timesheet data for timely payments, and more.

Our Mission: To digitize the logistics of construction material to simplify the buying, moving, and selling processes.


Our competitors can build a project with the same products, same materials, same equipment, so we have to figure out a way to become more competitive, and that's why Tread is so valuable.

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