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Ticketing & Timesheets

Reduce Payroll Disputes by Up to 95% With a Single Source of Truth

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Instant Upload

Stop Waiting for Paper Tickets
  • Drivers upload tickets using their phone’s camera
  • Foremen and Site Supervisors can view and confirm tickets right away
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Single Source of Truth

Stop Debating with Subcontractors and Drivers
  • All tickets and timesheets are stored in one central location
  • Drivers and companies see the same data
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Driver Timesheets

Submit Timesheets, Tickets, and Load Data Directly in the App
  • Drivers verify their timesheet before submission
  • Foremen and site supervisors can edit start time, end time, loads carried and more
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I would absolutely recommend Tread simply because it automates everything from dispatching to payroll to billing.

Share Ticket Data

Automatically Send Ticket Data to Internal and External Partners
  • Provide real-time updates to hundreds of partners
  • Create custom filters to view the most important data
  • Download ticket data and export to your billing system
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Progress and KPI Reporting

Create Custom KPIs for Drivers and Job Sites
  • Track material movement through ticket uploads
  • Break down complex data into understandable graphs
  • Calculate ROI based on predefined metrics
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