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Manage Trucking Logistics and Improve Operational Efficiency

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Get Full Visibility

Real-time information on what’s happening in the field: materials moved, costs incurred, and more.

Use the data to  bid competitively on projects.

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Stop Wondering Where Your Trucks Are

Track trucks and subcontractors through their phone with live GPS updates every 30 seconds.

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Having worked in the trucking industry for more than 37 years, I will say, Tread has been a much appreciated asset. We need to embrace change and work together to help build what’s next!

Meet Departments of Transportation Requirements

Collect required data with ease so you can meet regional requirements.

Share key ticketing data with DOTs and other stakeholders in one click.

Everyone on the same page

Handle Complex Projects with Better Tools

Build projects, set schedules, and assign drivers months in advance.

Real time updates

Customer Performance on Tread

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Value of Materials Moved



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Loads of Material Delivered

Collect Performance Data

Gather insights on inefficient locations, wasted productivity, idle or waiting times, and more.

Make data-driven decisions to benchmark haulers over time.

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Utilize E-Ticketing

Eliminate hours of manual data entry — submit import of rates, loads, driver hours, and more — into one system instantly for everyone to view.

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How Tomlinson Saved Money, Time, and Increased Output

The Tomlinson Group of Companies is Eastern Canada’s leader in environmental, construction and transportation infrastructure services.

Despite being an industry leader for over six decades, Tomlinson was faced with challenges in dispatching, fleet visibility, and ticketing operations.

Since partnering with Tread, Tomlinson has:

  • Eliminated spreadsheet dispatching
  • Digitized operations
  • Fully integrated with SAP
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