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Tread Driver Feature: Maritza Iglesias

Could you please tell us how long you have been a short haul trucker? 

I have been a short haul trucker since the beginning of 2017.

What do you like most about driving? 

I personally like the autonomy it gives me.

What do you do for fun, outside of work? 

I love going to Costco Wholesale Club, searching for new items is an adventure.

How did you meet the Tread Team? 

I had the privilege of meeting the Tread Team while working with Trans-Phos Trucking Company, when inquiring instructions on the app.

Before using Tread, what kind of challenges were you facing in your job as a driver?

One key challenge for me was obtaining proper instructions and site maps to the work sites.

How did Tread help you solve these challenges? 

Tread helps me solve these challenges by offering an in-app pin drop maps and area for clearer instructions.

How was the onboarding process for you when you started using the Tread? 

The onboarding process for me was quite exciting. I personally love technology and for me the Tread app provides just the right amount of technology moving forward, and makes my job that much simpler.

What kind of results have you achieved using Tread’s solutions? 

I personally have achieved a more clearer way of problem solving and a smoother workflow.

What’s your favourite Tread feature and why? 

For me, that would be the integrated maps and work site instructions.

Would you recommend Tread? If yes, why? 

I would definitely recommend Tread. I’ve personally have had a positive experience with the Tread team, and the Tread app has provided great tools, that provide great guidance and instructions, that all and all makes the work day run that much smoother.


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