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Tread Customer Feature: Cam Clark - Transportation Coordinator of Park Paving Ltd.

Tread Customer Feature:
Cam Clark – Transportation Coordinator of Park Paving Ltd.

Could you please tell us about your background and your current role?

My background includes 4-5 years of warehouse management, inventory control and production. 7 years of customs brokerage and freight forwarding (CIFFA certified). 2 years of estimation & project management. 8 years of logistics management in international oilfield projects, load planning & customs export compliance. Logistical strategies & consulting for high value projects. Pricing analysis and sales functions throughout. I have a bachelor of science degree from the U of A.

I’ve been at Park Paving since 2017. My role here is essentially Operations Supervisor for the Transportation Division. I oversee staff on a daily basis and ensure we handle all inbound requests in a timely manner and efficiently move out material & equipment to and from sites as required. I have also taken on the role of supervising the on-boarding of our hired truck division as well as Tread’s integration. Both new additions for the 2020 season.

What do you like most about your job?

I guess just the best part is dealing with different kinds of people. Understanding how they think and react to certain problems in their work life. I have a philosophy of visualizing we’re all in a large classroom. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and learning styles so you have to continuously adapt.

I learned a lot of quick thinking from the freight world. Sometimes you don’t have time to think, just react. Being able to think on your feet is a valuable asset along with high level time management and organizational skills.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

I like camping, bushcraft activities and spending time with my wife & my British Timber Dog, Vala. I love horror movies and I’m a pretty good cook. I’m also a published author and professional photographer.

My other interests include playing Call of Duty, learning two new languages; Estonian and Irish (my background), and playing music. I can pretty much play anything with strings, I also play drums and sing (badly). I own 4 guitars. Oh and hockey!! Go OILERS!

How did you meet The Tread Team?

I think it all started when we were looking for a new dispatching program. Steven and myself had reached out to a number of competitors and he mentioned Tread one day. I can’t remember if it was me who sent the first message or not, but I know that Anubhav (Tread’s Business Development Representative) had also somehow contacted our AGM Chris Larente and he sent us some messages from you folks.

After that I was tasked with looking over the system, providing an analysis and seeing if Tread was a good fit. We then set-up some calls, Ben (Tread’s Head of Sales) and Vivek (Tread’s COO) came out to visit and introduce the system officially and the rest is history!

Before using Tread, what kind of challenges were you facing in your company?

I guess the main challenge was guidelines and base KPIs being missing. We needed to draw up procedures and processes to ensure we had some relevant beginning data. From there, we needed to build on efficiencies and examine workflows for negative space.

How did Tread help you solve these challenges?

I truly believe that Tread can solve all problems, not just some problems. Tread provided us with a solid platform for creating valuable data and finding weak links we didn’t know even existed.

We can now look at exact timing, narrowing down certain points and applying costs to those. Really finding out how efficient we are at moving things. We can now apply techniques to reduce costs, provide more accurate estimates and prevent needlessly spending time on non-essential tasks.

This analysis helps understand one’s business and then how to take action to make it run better.

How was the onboarding process for you when you started using Tread?

We’re still in that process and will be until the end of 2021. The first phase was to have the Transportation Division using it exclusively. No timesheets. No paper. Nothing extra. All Tread. All requests from internal staff will be routed through Tread to increase our focus as a group in the near future.

Tread is very easy to use, so I don’t think others will have any difficulty onboarding. That’s one of the reasons I liked Tread in the first place. Extremely user friendly. While we did experience some learning challenges, it was pretty easy to jump in to!

What kind of results have you achieved using Tread’s solutions?

We’re actually just in the middle of actively utilizing some of Tread’s data to examine some cost saving applications. I’ll let you know what I find out!

What’s your favorite Tread feature and why?

There are lots of features so it’s really hard to put just one on top. I enjoy the visual flow as it’s easy to follow and keeps everyone informed as things change.

Would you recommend Tread? If yes, why?

I would put Tread as a high recommendation. I’ve been around long enough to see other logistics programs and they’re all awfully complicated. Tread is polished and easy to use. It’s a really new program, which is a good thing. They’re constantly adding new technology and techniques to improve.

Tread staff are 150% the most amazing people I have ever worked with. They listen and they really care about your business and genuinely want to help make a positive impact. Working with them for the past year is something I will never ever forget. It’s not just a customer / vendor relationship, it’s really more than that. 

Being involved in its growth really has made Tread a part of me and vice versa. That’s why I think Tread stands out. It takes what you want and makes it better. It makes you better.

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