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How to implement paperless technology with Tread

” “The industry is beginning to digitize quicker than it used to and still has a long way to go,” Dolgoy said. “We provide a customized approach to the app depending on the comfort level of technology usage to match what the customers’ needs are.”

The implementation of Tread depends on the willingness to adapt to the different tools. However, Dolgoy said, “within 30-days of signing up, while following the onboarding plan, a company can have at least 90% of their business digitized.” ”

“With paper tickets, truck drivers will typically drive a load across a scale, get out of the truck, enter the scalehouse to pick up copies of a paper ticket, return to the truck and drive off.

These paper-based processes can get lost in the shuffle of a job. Tread offers a paperless e-ticketing solution that can digitally capture those tickets and store them for all the drivers and contractors to easily access.

Tread also has the ability to notify the crew about upcoming truck arrivals, eliminating the guesswork on when the next load will be at the jobsite. Also, if that truck gets delayed a notification will come in so everyone can operate at peak performance and streamline processes.”

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