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Kicking Off the New Year with Tread

DALL·E 2024-01-03 08.31.10 - A festive New Years themed image dominated by a bright yellow color scheme. The scene includes multiple construction trucks of various types, such asHappy New Year to the Tread community! We are excited to expand our support of the Construction Materials Industry with world-class software to drive efficiency, reduce risk, and increase profits.

The last 12 months stand as an incredible testament to what a driven team can achieve with focus, empathy, and speed. Our mission was clear: to develop the world's most powerful and comprehensive  logistics platform for the Construction Materials Industry.

In early 2023, drawing on over half a decade of insights from the existing Tread platform and our customers, we made the bold decision to rebuild our platform. Building from the ground up is never an easy choice, but we all recognized that without a fresh start, we couldn't adequately serve our customers or meet the complex demands of our industry.

The existing Tread platform already excelled in serving certain needs – extremely well, in fact. We are immensely grateful for the support of our loyal customers over the years. They understood that while the software was excellent for certain aspects of the process, it had its limitations. The problem was that it had been built years ago, and it lacked the modernity of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. While this might not have been apparent from the outside, numerous underlying issues hindered us from adding the essential features we knew we needed.

We knew we needed to make a major change to achieve our mission.

Our unwavering goal has always been to create the simplest, easiest-to-use, and most comprehensive platform for the construction industry. Why? Because construction forms the foundation of everything, from our roads and runways to bridges and tunnels. Our customers never stop building, and neither do we. We’re committed to making this industry more efficient, giving workers back their evenings and weekends, and helping construction businesses ultimately increase their profits.


What Happened at Tread in 2023?

Less than a year ago, we embarked on the journey of developing our new platform, "Tread Horizon." We committed the first line of code on the new platform in April. From April to the year's end, we moved with incredible speed. By July, we were excited to be selected as the top choice in a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Fortune 500 company. Over the last six months, we launched the platform and introduced key features such as OCR and AI-assisted scale ticket reading, rate management, a new mobile app, API documentation, and much more.

The reception of the brand-new Tread platform affirms that we made the right decision. Our customers recognize that while our previous product met many of their needs, Tread Horizon is a game-changer.

Our community continues to grow at rapid speed. Here are a few data points from 2023 that highlight this growth:

  • 1.2M: Trucks Assigned and Requested

  • 119K: Tons of Materials Moved

  • 1.5M: Tickets Uploaded

  • 4M: Hours Logged by Drivers

Our customers moved materials across the US and Canada, with the most activity in FL, OH, IL, NV, LA, NY, CO, and UT in the US, and ON, BC, and AB in Canada. Many customers joined us in the last month and will be onboarding to bring Tread to even more destinations across North America.

We onboarded many new team members including talented engineers, our Head of Sales and Head of Marketing, and many others, and are expanding the team even more in the coming year to support our goals of growth and customer success.


From Order to Dispatch to Payment, All in One Place

We didn't simply discard the old platform and start from scratch. Instead, we consulted with customers and industry experts and analyzed product data to create a purpose-built solution for our industry from the ground up – one comprehensive platform that covers every Construction Materials workflow from order placement to driver payment.

Now, you can create an order and dispatch it within seconds, understand profit margins during order creation, manage all data within a single Horizon instance, oversee all internal and custom users in one location, and track driver locations in real time, among so many other capabilities. 


picture of tread construction platform  showing live maps


Best-in-Class Platform, Best-in-Class Service

construction trucks with business growth successTread is a technology company, but we're not just that – we're a technology company with a commitment to customer success. Over the past year, our team has spent thousands of hours at customer sites and in virtual interactions to ensure that every customer maximizes the benefits of Tread. As we continue to expand, we remain dedicated to your success. We understand the urgent need for good software in Construction Materials Management. Manual processes cost businesses lost profits, lead to worker burnout, and expose companies to errors and fraud.

Time and again, we've heard from our prospective customers, "There must be a better way." We're delighted to say that with Tread Horizon, there is. This doesn't just involve providing our customers with software and wishing them luck. It means that when you become a Tread customer, you become a part of our family. Your success is our priority, and we take that commitment seriously.

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

Throughout the coming year, we'll be sharing more about the new Tread platform. Hundreds of customers, from third-generation family-owned businesses to large Fortune 500 corporations, rely on Tread to manage their construction materials operations. We look forward to meeting many of you and discovering how we can assist in achieving your goals in 2024 and beyond.

Happy New Year from all of us at Tread!