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Celebrating Peter Bailey's One-Year Anniversary at Tread

This week we're celebrating our VP of Engineering Peter Bailey's one year anniversary with Tread.

Over the past year, Peter led our technical team through the rapid rebuild of our platform with poise, excellence, and a commitment to Tread's core values.  Peter's one year anniversary happened to occur during a scheduled team offsite this week, and we were treated to many of his talents, from his bagpipe playing skills to gourmet French cooking tutorials. 

A true Renaissance man, world traveler, and talented engineering leader, we're lucky to have Peter on the team.


IMG_6245   IMG_6634

As a token of our appreciate for everything Peter has done over the past year, the team created this video for him! Every member of our team plays a huge part in building Tread, and our leaders help us achieve more than we ever thought possible.