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Meet the Team: Curt Lederle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Who are you? Where are you located?

My name is Curt Lederle.

I am the Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at Tread, and I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tell us about your role.

In my role, I lead our go-to-market teams. That includes the sales team, the marketing team, the events that we organize and attend, as well as our business intelligence team.

What do you love about your role?

What I love most about my role is getting to bring my past experiences together. I was trained as a civil engineer and I worked in civil engineering for a while and then spent time building out tech companies.

At Tread, I get to bring these together. So building tech solutions for the folks in the engineering and the construction space in an area where they desperately need good tools.

I also love that I get to work with our customers, most of which are entrepreneurs and family businesses that have grown over the years. And combining the analytical side of solving real problems with the creative side, of how we do it well with simple tools that are easy to use for everyone involved.

What is your favorite perk that Tread offers?

I think my favorite perk that Tread offers is really the opportunity that we have, and there are a couple of different layers to that.

There's an opportunity for growth within the individuals of the company.

We're a fast-growing startup with a lot of exciting work ahead of us.

I think we're also in a really interesting space. We know that infrastructure desperately needs attention and investment over the years to come, and we also know that this industry is largely underserved by technology.

So having the room to grow within the team, and within the organization, but also knowing that within the industry there is a big problem to solve and we've got a great tool to go help and solve those problems.

Why should someone choose to work at Tread?

I think Tread is a really exciting place to be right now professionally.

We have an amazing team of hard-working and capable people.

We're tackling a real problem in the industry with infrastructure that desperately needs to be rebuilt and desperately needs better solutions to go and do that.

I think that opportunity is massive, and I think it extends into the years, but also the decades to come.

Want to meet Curt in person? He'll be speaking at the Florida Transportation Builders' Association 2023 Construction Conference on February 8!


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