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TREAD Presents:
Building A Bridge to Reach
the Younger Demographic

Join us on February 23 from 9:05-9:45 AM EST to
discover how to attract and retain a younger workforce!


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Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association: February 21-23, 2023
Hilton Toronto

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Building A Bridge to Reach the Younger Demographic

Date: Thursday, February 23 at 9:05-9:45 AM EST

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The current workforce is nearing retirement, and the industry needs to adapt by hiring the next wave of employees. Sadly, only 11% of Canadians under 30 would consider working in mining and quarrying (Abascus Data, 2020). The next wave of Canadian workers is already starting their careers, so let’s address the elephant in the room: “How do we attract, engage and work with young people? What exactly do they want out of work?

Key Learnings:

  • Why do we need to hire younger staff?
  • How to broaden your hiring pool and appeal to younger, non-traditional employees.
  • How to showcase and advertise career paths to potential employees.
  • How introducing technology can help you:
    • attract more talent;
    • speed up and work efficiently;
    • retain younger workers; and
    • save money in the long run.

About the Speakers

Lauren Mandel: Director of People Operations, Tread


Lauren Mandel is a Human Resources professional with experience working in fast-paced, growth environments. Lauren has spent over 7 years in the startup/scaleup space, primarily in technology. Throughout her tenure in People Operations, Lauren creates and develops a variety of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition strategies that align with the business goals. She partners with department heads across the organization to achieve a culture focused on support, growth, and mutual respect.

Stacia Van Zetten [square]-1

Stacia Van Zetten: CSO + Co-Founder, EXACT Technology


Stacia is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of EXACT Technology Corporation. She is a structural engineer and has over ten years of experience in the industry, with a focus on concrete materials and construction. She has supported more than 100 projects across North and South America. Through creating and disseminating innovative concrete solutions at EXACT, and by promoting acceptance and adoption of concrete technology through her active industry involvement, Stacia is well-positioned to achieve her goal of making a significant and positive impact on the concrete industry.

Cristina Leduc - Tomlinson-1

Cristina Leduc: Communications and Change Specialist, R.W. Tomlinson


Cristina is a Change Management Specialist at the Tomlinson Group of Companies. With a background in neuroscience and business, she focuses on delivering strategic change that harnesses the potential of people. Throughout her career, Cristina has worked on large projects that affect hundreds of individuals at once. You often find her in the trenches digging out the root cause of the issue.

Stephanie Riutta

Stephanie Ruitta: Health and Safety Coordinator, Ethier Sand and Gravel


Stephanie is the Health and Safety Coordinator at Ethier Sand and Gravel. Stephanie started her career as a laborer and has been in the construction industry since she was 20. She has grown her career significantly within this industry and eventually focused on health & safety within the gravel sector.

Meet Your Moderator!

Learn more about our Director of People Operations, Lauren Mandel. In this video, she chats about her role as a strategic HR partner within the organization to her love for Barry's Bootcamp. Get a sneak peek into what she’s like before you meet her in person at the OSSGA!


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Who is Tread?

We're an industry-leading transportation management system that helps customers move more construction materials with Dispatch, Tracking, and Tickets & Timesheets platforms. Through our web and mobile software, operations staff gain the ability to schedule and send jobs instantly to hundreds of drivers, track internal and external fleets, accurately collect ticket and timesheet data for timely payments, and more.

Our Mission: To digitize the logistics of construction material to simplify the buying, moving, and selling processes.


Construction is booming. There's so much opportunity for women to fill this gap, but there are opportunities for anyone to change their career, start a new passion, and get their hands dirty in this industry.

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