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TREAD Presents:

A Tomlinson Case Study


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Alberta Sand & Gravel Association
2023 ASGA Convention: January 18-19
River Cree Resort and Casino, Edmonton, AB


Title: Tomlinson - Case Study

Date: Wednesday, January 18 at 3:40-4:00 PM

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The Tomlinson Group of Companies is Eastern Canada’s leader in environmental, construction, and transportation infrastructure services. With +2000 skilled professionals and tradespeople, Tomlinson faced challenges in dispatching, fleet visibility, and ticketing operations. By implementing a robust transportation management system (TMS), Tomlinson overcame their challenges and effectively managed its logistics and operations as a first step towards digitizing proof of work.

Key Takeaways:

  • How did Tomlinson digitize proof of work?
  • How is Tomlinson able to become 100% paperless?
  • How has a TMS improved dispatching and fleet visibility?
  • How has Tomlinson been able to pay drivers faster?
  • ... and more!

About the Speakers

Ben Morse
Ben Morse: Director, Strategic Accounts, Tread


Ben has worked in construction, technology, and real estate in Canada for 6+ years and across North America for 4+ years. During this time, Ben has served in enterprise and SME sales, business development, and start-up leadership roles. Ben is passionate about family, community building, and mentorship. Central to all of Ben’s personal and professional pursuits are trust, quality execution, teamwork, and fun!

Tyler DuBroy
Tyler DuBroy: Account Manager, Tread - Formerly: Scale Operator, Tomlinson


Born and raised in Ottawa, ON, Tyler has 10+ years of experience in the construction industry, operating scales, dispatching trucks, and managing the implementation of Tread solutions throughout one of Eastern Ontario’s most prominent construction companies. Beyond work, Tyler loves spending time with his wife and son, traveling to California, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, and making hot sauce.

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Who is Tread?

We're an industry-leading transportation management system that helps customers move more construction materials with Dispatch, Tracking, and Tickets & Timesheets platforms. Through our web and mobile software, operations staff gain the ability to schedule and send jobs instantly to hundreds of drivers, track internal and external fleets, accurately collect ticket and timesheet data for timely payments, and more.

Our Mission: To digitize the logistics of construction material to simplify the buying, moving, and selling processes.


Our competitors can build a project with the same products, same materials, same equipment, so we have to figure out a way to become more competitive, and that's why Tread is so valuable.


How Tomlinson Saved Money,
Time, and Increased Output

Tomlinson partnered with Tread in 2018. Since then, they've:

  • Eliminated spreadsheet dispatching
  • Digitized operations
  • Fully integrated with SAP

Find out more about how one of Eastern Canada's leaders in transportation infrastructure and environmental services selected Tread as its partner.

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