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How Tread Customers Integrate Tech into Construction

For companies looking to integrate digital solutions into their workflow, success using a software platform depends on satisfying the customers’ need for a platform and its tools, as well as how it evolves with the company.

“Tread is a comprehensive, one-click tool that creates effective and efficient business practices and customer service,” says Noah Dolgoy, Tread founder and CEO. “This is because Tread has been built and refined alongside its customers: brokers, and truck drivers. With this intimate understanding of construction logistics, the platform we have built empowers operations of all sizes, from multinational companies to small and medium family-run operations.” 

The road to digitalization

Short-haul brokers struggle to reconcile data day-to-day across multiple spreadsheets, phone calls, emails, and text messages. This complex consolidation of data leads to a staggering 17 percent of tickets being contested, and millions of dollars in lost revenue for drivers and managers alike. 

Though a cumbersome task, there are ways for construction and heavy equipment companies to recover lost resources. With cross-functional, integrated digital technologies and operations companies are more likely to scale

For example, effective billing systems – such as Tread’s paperless e-ticketing – help companies reduce invoice disputes to zero. Additionally, the technology speeds up payments and improves trust with instant digital invoices. These improvements ultimately help drive client success rates and allow businesses to manage large fleets, especially as companies continue to grow.

Real-time tracking

Several calculations are circulating online for fleet managers to estimate the number of trucks needed for specific projects. However, if a construction site is held up by broken conveyor belts, missing blueprints, or other unforeseen complications, productivity is greatly affected. 

Understanding site, subcontractor, and driver productivity are essential to running an efficient and profitable business. This is why National Lime and Stone, a construction material distribution company with assets throughout the Eastern United States, partnered with Tread. After acquiring a new asphalt arm of the organization, with new trucks and new people the company understood visibility and traceability were paramount.

“After a century in the business, we are no stranger to technology and have adopted a legacy of innovation throughout our operations,” says Ken Dinwiddie, Group Vice President–Construction Materials Sales and Marketing of National Lime and Stone. “Having worked with bulky hardware solutions in the past, we knew there was a better fully-digital way to get results – Tread became the ideal partner for us to achieve this goal. Their  truck management software and one-on-one support demonstrate that they are just as dedicated as we are to meeting our customers’ unique needs.”

The multi-generational, family business uses Tread’s integrated tracking feature to see where truck drivers are, offering newfound visibility of their fleet. Today, National Lime and Stone can identify which drivers are idling and which ones are active on-site, informing a deeper understanding of how company resources are used. This knowledge ultimately allows the company to better calculate the number of trucks and the time needed for a particular job.

One-click communication tool

Dispatchers are often seen as the heart and soul of construction, interacting with drivers and foremen daily to coordinate and schedule equipment and floats. For Edmonton, Alberta-based Park Paving Ltd, managing communication between dispatch and operator while maintaining visibility into overall operations are of utmost importance.

Since its inception in 1975, the locally owned and operated company has grown into one of Edmonton’s largest road construction contractors. However, without digitized communication processes, Park Paving’s dispatching tasks had become difficult to manage.

In using Tread’s comprehensive one-click communication tool, the asphalt and concrete supply company no longer spends needless hours calling and following-up with drivers, instead, they can focus on improving plant productivity, building better relationships with drivers, and ensuring a high level of safety.

“On-boarding our drivers has been our top priority over the past year. With the addition of our Subcontractor group this year and our operational staff next season, this will play a key role in connecting everything together. Utilizing Tread on a daily basis saves us from having to constantly follow-up on our operators as visibility is streamlined and in real time. A centralized platform offers us the ability to strengthen our divisional communications internally as well as externally.”

-Cam Clark
Transportation Coordinator
Park Paving 

Platform developed with customer feedback

Tread’s platform bridges expertise from internal developers with feedback and insights gained by speaking to workers in the heavy materials moving sector. As the construction tech product evolves, Tread’s team continues to work alongside their partners, administering direct feedback into the development of the platform. 

If you’re ready to simplify management and accountability, let Tread help streamline all parts of the process, from dispatch to customer service. Book a demo today.