Tread is a digital platform that makes the business of moving construction materials easier.

Watch our customers talking about how Tread improves their construction fleet management businesses.


All-in-one, user friendly digital platform

Reduce clutter, headaches, and cost by going paperless with Tread.


Flexible scheduling and 30% faster dispatch with Tread's construction fleet management solutions

  • Driving 30% time and cost savings for dispatching activities.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% using Tread's order forms.
  • Instantly send time-sensitive information to all drivers on the same job.
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Safer and more efficient job-site with Tread's paperless e-ticketing solution

  • E-ticketing reduces disputes from 17% to 0 and offers visibility to the DoT.
  • Speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices.
  • Digital capture of all scale-house tickets, storing them in an easily-accessible hub for all of your drivers and sub-contractors.
  • Allowing users to sign tickets on their phones and share those signed tickets on a digital platform.
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Multilingual customer support for your team when they need it

  • English and Spanish in-app support.
  • Remote training for dispatchers and fleet managers.
  • Compliance dashboards and progress reporting showing driver and sub-contractor performance.
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Efficient fleet management with real-time and historical reporting

  • Improve efficiencies with valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Make data-backed decisions with real-time analytics: Cycle times, billing reports, compliance recommendations.
  • Store digital photos of your tickets and access your records 24/7.
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Scheduling solutions to decrease driving time and maximize backhauling opportunities

  • Capture valuable information from existing workflows.
  • Optimize trucking routes and material movement.
  • Track high-risk material like contaminated soil from site to dump.
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Grow your business with Tread

Fleets, brokers, material producers, general contractors and excavation sites across North America work with Tread to make their businesses more profitable.

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Watch how our customers improve their fleet management with Tread.

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Efficient construction fleet management, driving 30% time and cost savings for dispatching activities.

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