How our customers improve their truck management with Tread

Watch how our fleet, broker and driver customers save time and money with Tread’s truck dispatch software.

All-in-one, user friendly truck dispatch software

Tread’s trucking dispatch management software is the perfect solution for construction companies of all sizes working with short-haul material movers. 

Our dispatch software makes it easy to relay time-sensitive information to drivers quickly and all at the same time. That’s just one reason drivers love Tread’s free, easy-to-use app, too.

Tread’s dispatch software gives dispatchers, site staff, and owner operators full visibility into truck locations in real-time. With geofencing capabilities, managers can see when a truck enters or exits a pre-set parameter like a construction site or a material pick-up location. 

Tread is a cloud-based program, so the data that is collected is stored in a secure online database for all stakeholders to access in real-time, from any device.

Beyond dispatching, Tread’s software helps you accurately track driver hours and reports on helpful trucking data like estimated versus actual hours driven and fueling efficiencies. These insights help streamline daily operations, improve efficiencies, and enable effective preventative maintenance scheduling.

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What Tread's truck dispatch software offers

Reduce cost, clutter, and headaches by going paperless with Tread.


Flexible scheduling and 30% faster dispatch with Tread's trucking software

  • Driving 30% time and cost savings for truck dispatch operations.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% with Tread’s order forms.
  • Instantly send time-sensitive information to all truck drivers on the same job, no matter your fleet size.
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Improve safety and efficiency on the job-site with our paperless e-ticketing solution

  • E-ticketing reduces disputes by 17% and offers visibility to the DoT.
  • Speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices.
  • Digital capture of all scale-house tickets, storing them in an easily-accessible hub for all of your truck drivers and subcontractors.
  • Allowing users to sign tickets on their phones and share those on our software.
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Multilingual customer support for your dispatch team when they need it

  • English and Spanish in-app support.
  • Remote training for dispatchers and truck fleet managers.
  • Compliance dashboards and progress reporting showing truck driver and subcontractor performance.
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What Tread customers think

True Haul
FL, United States

Tread works perfectly for us, the onboarding went seamlessly. Even with a fleet that only speaks Spanish we were able to communicate how to use it in a few individualized sessions.

ON, Canada

Our customers and hired trucks feel confident using this platform, not only to help strengthen their relationship with Tomlinson, but to embrace the tools Tread has to offer.

With the excellent customer support and responsiveness to feedback, Tread staff has made our experience using Tread very enjoyable.

National Lime and Stone
OH, United States

Having worked with bulky hardware solutions in the past, we knew there was a better fully-digital way to get results – Tread became the ideal partner for us to achieve this goal.

Their truck management software and one-on-one support demonstrate that they are just as dedicated as we are to meeting our customers’ unique needs.

IN, United States

Before using TREAD, dispatching was like a puzzle… Now we save about two hours a day and can make adjustments to our fleet easily.

Siles and Sons
FL, United States

Tread actually has been able to facilitate from 20,000 text messages a month to one click. Send it to everybody, that is priceless. It has been more productive for all of us involved.

Red Rock Haulage
ON, Canada

Tread is really good. They train my drivers in my language in Punjabi, as well. My drivers really like their apps. They know where they’re going and exactly what time they’ll reach the job site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-truck dispatch software

Yes. Tread’s subcontractor management system gives dispatchers full visibility into the location of subcontractors and their trucks. When subcontractors accept a job, they gain access to Tread’s mobile platform, which enables location services for accurate tracking and effective dispatching. 

Yes. With Tread, you are able to see tickets uploaded in real time. Our trucking dispatch software gives you instant access to field-generated tickets. Once a ticket is signed off, it is immediately uploaded to Tread’s cloud-based system for full visibility and faster, more accurate invoicing and payment processing.

Ticket information is stored securely in our online platform for all stakeholders to access at any time, from any device. This paperless approach ensures nothing is missed and completely eliminates disputes. 

Yes, our dispatching software makes tracking driver hours easy. Tread’s timesheet solutions are available through the driver app where operators log their hours digitally. Foreman can access these hours through the platform and sign off on the hours logged. 

Your admin staff will also be able to access this information to see the signed timesheets, updated in real-time, for faster and more accurate billing validation and better preventative vehicle maintenance.

Yes, on-site managers and superintendents will have full support through Tread’s dispatching software. They will have full mobile access to dispatch where they can make delivery requests from the field and get real-time updates on truck location, truckload volumes, materials, schedules, and delays.

Our trucking software makes it easy for on-site personnel to access project data, documentation, and reports from anywhere.

Tread’s trucking dispatch software integrates effortlessly with many of the common business and construction software programs used in the industry. Software programs that Tread currently integrates with are: Sage, Quickbooks, CONNEX/Command Alkon; and soon SAP and Viewpoint/Trimble.

If you are using a program that is not listed above and are wanting to integrate with Tread, you can request a customized demo to learn about Tread and ask about additional integration options.