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How Tread supports drivers


Device independent & free application

  • Free of cost, tablet, Android & iOS ready application.
  • Text to accept support for touch-input phones.
  • Respond with "Ok" or "No" to accept or decline a job.
  • Never miss a job with Tread's text notifications.

Reliable job tracking & change/cancellation notifications

  • No longer have to remember where to go, where you went, and proof of work.
  • Get complete order details, use your device GPS to optimize routes, and get accurate directions to job locations.
  • Immediate notifications for cancellation or location changes.
  • Get change/cancellation notifications in English or Spanish.

Ticket handling (sign off) & documentation storage

  • Permanently store job tickets, manifests and other documentation.
  • Reduce ticket handling and minimize personal contact with digital tickets and time-sheets.
  • Remove payment delay and disputes with supervisor approvals.

No cost on-demand bilingual support

  • Toll-free near 24/7 support when needed.
  • Use the Tread app in English or Spanish.
  • Get fast support through the app in English or Spanish.
  • Get text reminders in English or Spanish.

Location tracking only when you are actively logging a job

  • Your location is tracked only when you’re actively logging a job.
  • When you start logging, your location is shared with the dispatchers.
  • When you stop logging, your location tracking will always stop.

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