Tread customer story: True Haul

True Haul transforms its customer service with Tread.

Tread & True Haul

About True Haul 

Vertical: Fleets, Brokers & Drivers
Company size: 8 people
Number of trucks: 75+ brokered trucks

True Haul is a trucking services business started in The Florida Keys. Andrew Toppino and Louis Perez started the company when they were unexpectedly left without trucks on a project. They were later joined by Kevin Perez who is the current vice president of the company. Frustrated with the current condition of trucking in The Keys, they decided that instead of relying on another company to deliver aggregates for them, they would manage the process themselves. What they couldn’t have expected was that by fulfilling their own needs, they would unlock a whole new business that now requires up to 75+ trucks a day. 

As they started fulfilling deliveries for others, word spread of their superior customer service and reliability and the company was soon sending trucks up and down. Today, True Haul’s team is well known for delivering exceptional quality results on time and on budget. 

The Challenge 

The True Haul team first began to explore the use of technology when they realized how much time and effort was going into phone call and text message communications. Additionally, they were tired of the doubt that would come when a client said a delivery went wrong. Did they miscommunicate it to the driver? Did the client forget to tell them? How can they be sure if the blame was with the client, themselves, or the truck drivers? 

They wanted a better way to guarantee that communication was consistent and there was a paper trail for all the instructions that they gave out. True Haul hired a consultant to try and find a technology solution that would ensure consistent communication and create a digital record of work that would hold up in client disputes. Their consultant initially suggested another dispatching application for True Haul, however, that application didn’t meet their needs.

“We only have 75+ trucks, but even if you spend 2 minutes talking to each of the drivers you’re already at a few hours. That doesn’t even account for writing notes, calling with corrections or anything.”
Kevin Perez, Vice President

The Solution

Looking for a better way to communicate with their team and track projects on the go, True Haul turned to Tread’s solutions: 

Efficient digital fleet management, driving time and cost savings for dispatching activities

Customer Success:
Multilingual customer success team, providing fast remote onboarding 

The Process

With Tread’s one-to-many dispatch system, True Haul was able to get their dispatching done much faster, allowing the dispatchers to focus on truck monitoring, customer service, and finding new drivers for their fleet. If a customer ever calls with a complaint, Kevin and his team are able to quickly check and see what they communicated to the drivers, and which person specifically delivered the load that day. 

Simple Interface:
“Tread is really easy to use. The drag and drop dispatch is my favourite feature because it makes the process so simple. I honestly wish all the tools could be that easy.”
Kevin Perez, Vice President

Simple Interface

The Result

For True Haul, having a digital record of all their driver requests means that everyone knows where they need to be, they know what they’re bringing, and if there’s ever a complaint from a customer Kevin will immediately know if it’s their mistake or not rather than wondering if broken telephone led to a breakdown in good customer service. Having all of their job requests stored on Tread allows Kevin’s team to be more confident when they go to their customers. 

Fleet Visibility:
“We use Tread as a competitive advantage when bidding on jobs. I show my client the Tread app, letting them know that we are using the best technology to make sure they get the right material at the right time. When a client calls me to check when a truck will be arriving, I don’t have to give them an approximate timeline, I can look at the map and tell them exactly where the truck is, and therefore, how long it will be.”
Kevin Perez, Vice President

Fleet Visibility

“Tread works perfectly for us, the onboarding went seamlessly. Even with a fleet that only speaks Spanish we were able to communicate how to use it in a few individualized sessions.”
Kevin Perez, Vice President

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