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Tread is a digital platform that makes the business of moving construction materials easier.

Watch our customers talking about how Tread improves their construction fleet management businesses.

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Discover Tread's software solutions

Dump Truck Dispatch Management: Make dispatching 30% faster and easier. Process large volumes of tickets easily.

Subcontractor Management: Dispatch simultaneously to contractors and subcontractors. Gain full visibility into subcontractor locations and tickets.

Fleet Driver Management: Gain full visibility into fleet vehicle locations and cycle times. No hardware installation required.

Heavy Equipment Tracking: Real-time GPS tracking for trucking equipment with bird’s eye visibility of your drivers’ whereabouts.

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All-in-one, user friendly digital platform

Reduce clutter, headaches, and cost by going paperless with Tread.

Tread Calendar

Flexible scheduling and 30% faster dispatch with Tread's construction fleet management solutions

  • Driving 30% time and cost savings for dispatching activities.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% using Tread's order forms.
  • Instantly send time-sensitive information to all drivers on the same job.
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Dispatch Scheduling
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Safer and more efficient job-site with Tread's paperless e-ticketing solution

  • E-ticketing reduces disputes from 17% to 0 and offers visibility to the DoT.
  • Speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices.
  • Digital capture of all scale-house tickets, storing them in an easily-accessible hub for all of your drivers and sub-contractors.
  • Allowing users to sign tickets on their phones and share those signed tickets on a digital platform.
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E Ticketing Copy
Tread Chat

Multilingual customer support for your team when they need it

  • English and Spanish in-app support.
  • Remote training for dispatchers and fleet managers.
  • Compliance dashboards and progress reporting showing driver and sub-contractor performance.
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Customer Support
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Efficient fleet management with real-time and historical reporting

  • Improve efficiencies with valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Make data-backed decisions with real-time analytics: Cycle times, billing reports, compliance recommendations.
  • Store digital photos of your tickets and access your records 24/7.
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Tread Speedometer

Scheduling solutions to decrease driving time and maximize backhauling opportunities

  • Capture valuable information from existing workflows.
  • Optimize trucking routes and material movement.
  • Track high-risk material like contaminated soil from site to dump.
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Grow your business with Tread

Grow your business with Tread

Fleets, brokers, material producers, general contractors and excavation sites across North America work with Tread to make their businesses more profitable.

Tread Team
Tread Team
Tread Team
Construction Trucks
Construction Trucks
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What our customers say

Watch how our customers improve their fleet management with Tread.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tread’s construction fleet management software uses GPS, cellular networks, and geofencing technology to track fleet vehicles. The Tread app is installed on driver smartphones, which sends valuable data to dispatchers and construction companies. This information helps them better manage their fleet.

Drivers have peace of mind with the ability to manage their visibility and ensure privacy when they are not working. Each day, drivers enable GPS tracking when they begin their shift and disable tracking when their shift is complete.

Tread’s fleet vehicle GPS tracking system does not require the installation of any hardware. It can be installed on most Android or iOS drivers’ smartphones or tablets, from anywhere. Once the app has been downloaded by the registered driver, they can sign in, and allow location services in their device settings. Tread only tracks locations when the app is in use and the driver is logged in.

If a driver does not have a smartphone, Tread offers a feature called “text-to-accept” where dispatchers send job details to drivers via SMS. Driver texts back “Ok” or “No” to accept or deny the job. As long as a driver can receive a text message, they are able to be dispatched through Tread. This is especially useful for companies that are working to transition more tech-resistant drivers to digital tools.

Tread’s fleet tracking software is software as a service (SaaS). There is no hardware or installation required. As a dispatcher, once you sign in, you are ready to schedule and dispatch your fleet. As a driver, it takes only a few minutes to install. Since hardware is not required in any fleet vehicles, downloading the app from the Apple or Google Play Stores is all you need to do after being registered to use our service.

Tread offers flexible plans that can be customized to your business needs. We recommend requesting a no-obligation demo today to learn more about Tread’s features and flexibility.

Pricing and plans will vary, based on each company’s needs, fleet size, and more. We recommend booking a demo with one of our care specialists to get a personalized quote.

Our software can monitor any piece of construction equipment that has a dedicated driver. Our software offers accurate, real-time fleet and heavy equipment monitoring.

We understand that moving from a legacy paper system can be a bit nerve-wracking. Keeping hard copy records is a trusted method of running a business. However, it slows down workflow and ticketing, and it results in important documents going missing. 

You can trust Tread’s paperless system to keep every document safe, secure, and organized. Our database is backed up nightly and all data is stored on AWS using multi-availability zones. Data is also encrypted at rest and all traffic to and from the Tread app is encrypted via SSL. We use proprietary tools, including AWS Web-Application-Firewall to detect potential breaches.

Our fleet management solutions are perfect for the construction industry — both residential and non-residential. Non-residential construction applications include heavy industrial, institutional and commercial, and civil engineering organizations. Tread has extensive experience working with construction companies that deal with aggregate, asphalt, soil, and ready-mix, and whose projects include paving, material production, demolition, and more.

Tread’s fleet management software goes further than just routing and dispatching. Our program also collects valuable data that helps businesses decrease expenses associated with fleet operations and improve forecasting and productivity.

Our fleet maintenance software provides advanced warnings on preventative maintenance and optimized routes for savings on fuel costs and fuel consumption. Tread makes heavy equipment material moving easier and more cost-effective.

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