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Dispatch & Scheduling

  • Realize 30% time and cost savings for dispatching activities.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% using Tread's order forms.
  • Instantly send time-sensitive information to all drivers on the same job.
  • Provide proactive communication to your clients on the progress of jobs.
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Information Sharing

  • Improved information sharing without the need to phone or text clients directly.
  • Save hours every week on data entry and communication.
  • Reduced physical contact & easier social distancing on your job-sites.
  • Control over your data and privacy.
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients.
  • Shared source of truth for your billing data.
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Hire Management

  • Create a centralized hire database and prioritize your hires based off of past performance with our priority field.
  • Avoid the manual processes involved with managing trucks.
  • Digitize DVIRs and ensure compliance for regulated inspections.
  • Ensure the best performing trucks are on your most important jobs.
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Performance & Reporting

  • Get more work and bid more accurately on the next job by having better insights into the last one.
  • Reduced manual work for users with filtered and scheduled reports.
  • Know which hires are performing well or who needs improvement.
  • Faster billing and invoicing cycles lead to quicker payments.
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Compliance Support

  • A suite of tools that help you attain high compliance from your drivers, thereby enabling your company to get more data.
  • Driver usage feeds into insights/reporting, invoicing & billing, and dispatch workflows.
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Invoicing & Billing

  • Faster invoicing and settlement process.
  • Accurate, verifiable billing information.
  • Faster money transfer on load- and time-based jobs.
  • Instant access to invoicing and settlement information.
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Schedule Optimizer

  • Recommendations to dispatchers which result in more efficient schedules and backhauling opportunities.
  • Improve performance and return on hauling spend by up to 15%.
  • 30+ hours per week saved for a fleet of 25 trucks.
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  • Out-of-the-box integrations for industry standard software.
  • Framework that allows for custom connectors for more bespoke integration needs.
  • Leverage your existing systems for project, tickets and billing; so the data will be where it needs to be, at the right time.
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