Tread Team: Crystal Chan - Staff FS Software Engineer

Tread Team: Crystal Chan - Staff FS Software Engineer

Could you please tell us about your background and your current role?

My career has always revolved around software development. I pursued my degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. After graduating, I worked around different industries from creating video game tournaments, e-commerce, property management and now most currently at Tread. My current role at Tread allows me to lead and mentor a small team and help build new solutions to help with our clients’ needs. 

What do you like most about your job?

I love the challenges that come with any new product requirements. I enjoy thinking about the overall product and how a new feature would fit into our existing product. I love collaborating with my team and having problem solving discussions to figure out the different workflows. Deep down though, I won’t lie but I really love coding the most.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

I love lead climbing and bouldering indoors and outdoors. I love trying new foods and restaurants. Currently,  I have discovered new love and passion for baking. I love experimenting with different recipes online and seeing if I can make it unique. 

As a software engineer, what’s an average work day like for you?

I typically get to code for long periods of time. Depending on the week, I may have some meetings to discuss the engineering team or any feature request architecture.

What’s your favorite Tread feature and why?

I think T2A, text-to-accept, is my favourite Tread feature. I was able to develop that as a side project when it first came out. I had a really fun time thinking about how it would work. Although it was seen as a small feature, it made a very big difference for our users because we were able to optimize the way they accept/decline jobs. Instead of going into our app, all they had to do was text back with an “Ok” or “No” to accept/decline a job.

From your perspective, how does Tread solve our customers’ challenges?

In my eyes, the construction industry has fallen behind with technology itself.  From what I’ve heard there are many construction companies who still track their jobs manually whether it be on an excel spreadsheet or calling drivers on the phone. This can be extremely complicated and probably really tiring. Tread helped reduce this manual process with the dispatcher app allowing our users to easily and effectively schedule and dispatch their jobs. In my eyes, Tread continues to solve their challenges by just always listening and helping them simplify their processes. We always strive to make our users’ lives easier.

Is there a problem & solution that you’d love to work on in the future in the construction industry?

I don’t think it is a single problem that I would love to work on. I would love to work on all the problems that would help our users simplify their workflow and run their businesses more efficiently and effectively without any pain points.

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