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TREAD has been around since 2016. We know relationships are important, so we built a platform that accommodates everyone.

Our founder Noah has a background in the construction industry, running a landscaping company and a heavy equipment company. He saw that millions of dollars of equipment were being hired and managed with calls, texts, and paper tickets.

TREAD started as an app for small home builders to find dump trucks, but quickly realized this problem was experienced at a larger scale, so we spent time working directly with truck drivers and dispatchers, building something user-friendly that could support everyone in the ecosystem – from operators to brokers, dispatchers, and construction companies.

We built a platform that accommodates everyone:

  • General Contractors
  • Material Producers
  • Logistics Providers
  • Brokers and Dispatchers
  • Drivers and Owner Operators

At this time, TREAD has clients in the United States and Canada.  If you are located elsewhere and are interested in using TREAD, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

With TREAD you can replace analog and disparate legacy solutions with a cloud-based online platform, which helps increase fleet productivity, save time and provides visibility into operator management and dispatching.  New regulations and audits are now encouraging e-ticketing and digital record keeping.

We provide in-person training and remote support. We work with you to create a plan that works best depending on the relationship you have with your drivers and subcontractors. The driver app has built-in chat support available to drivers and dispatchers 24×7.

That’s something we’re open to exploring. If there is a specific integration you’re looking for, please contact us at

Geospatial and IVMS.

On Geospatial reports: We can see average round trip and average time on site, which can be broken down at the project level, and also per fleet and driver.

On IVMS: Through the sensors in a smartphone, we’re able to produce safety data to flag for things like harsh braking, speeding, turning, etc.

As a driver, you are only logged into TREAD for as long as you are logging a job.  TREAD does not have the ability to enable your device’s GPS remotely.  We take privacy seriously. You can access our Privacy Policy here.

You are issued a new and unique code every time you access the dispatcher service or operator app.

If you do not receive your 5 digit activation code after about 10 seconds from when the phone number was entered, our automated system for messaging might be blocked at the phone carrier level.  Please contact us at 1-888-558-7323.  We can provide the number you need to request unblocking.

If you were receiving text messages from TREAD and suddenly you are no longer receiving them, it is possible you replied to our automated system for messaging with STOP. When you reply with STOP we are no longer able to send SMS to your number.  You can resolve this by sending a new message with START.

The activity stream is available at the project level. For each project, you will see a history of changes to the project as well as the assignments for that project.

TREAD has a driver app – available in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Depending on your role, you can see different features than a coworker when you log.

If you and a coworker are both managers on the account, and you still see a discrepancy, please let us know from the “?” icon on TREAD.

As a driver, whenever a job is canceled, you will be notified via TREAD, and via SMS if that is how you originally received your job request.

Our recommendation is to wait a few seconds, and check with the dispatcher.  TREAD is a workflow supplement, and it is not 100 percent foolproof. We will help your dispatcher sort out any technical issues to get you quickly on the road.

Thanks for installing TREAD or for logging into the dispatcher app online.  These training videos will help you get started:

  1. Dispatcher training video:
  2. Operator training video:

If you need additional training, please let us know from the “?” icon on TREAD.

When you are logging a job, and there is a loss of connectivity on your phone, our system will send a message letting you know that we are not receiving your GPS coordinates.  There is no need to reply to these messages but if you need to contact us to get more information, you can find us at 1-888-558-7323

Yes. TREAD is a compliment to your existing hauling workflow.  TREAD is a compliment, not a replacement to the existing workflow at scale houses.

Yes, TREAD is a compliment, not a replacement to existing workflows. Dispatch will continue to provide authorized routes.  Please contact your dispatcher or broker if you have not received a route before you start logging with TREAD.

Content in the history page will continue to build over time and it will remain in your history page for as long as you continue to use TREAD.

The date you see on this view starts with the partner company, or the company you are dispatching for. The main dispatcher creates the initial job, and as a sub-dispatcher, you are able to send these jobs to internal or external drivers of your own company.

Yes, you and the main company have the same view, but you will only be able to see your own jobs. The main partner does not see your own jobs created on the platform.  You manage these jobs and even have the ability to use TREAD for your own dispatches.

Your driver sees all pertinent information related to the job you have sent. You can change the rate, and add your own rates for a sub-contracted job before allocating a driver to it.

The notification count will remain visible for 24 hrs. unless cleared manually.  Notifications will be cleared after 24 hrs. regardless if a job is accepted or not.

Once you install TREAD, location settings help you and dispatchers take advantage of the location and tracking capabilities of TREAD.  Using location services, TREAD delivers the most accurate location information about a job by using GPS, and cellular networks to determine your location.  This is how you apply these settings:

Apple device: 

Tap the Settings application > Slide screen down from center to display the Search bar > Type TREAD > Tap Location > Move the slider to Always.

Or Tap the Settings application > Tap Privacy > Tap Location Services > Toggle the switch to On >Scroll down to the TREAD app icon > Move the slider to Always.  Let us show you how, click here

Android device:

Tap Settings > Tap Location > Move the slider to Always.

Tap Mode. Select the mode High accuracy, which delivers the most accurate location information.  Let us show you how, click here

TREAD uses about 1GB of data per month if you are logging your jobs daily.

TREAD only has access to your location while logging a job. Once you tap on the Stop Logging button for a given job, TREAD is no longer able to see your location, and it is not possible for TREAD to activate location services on your device remotely. Only you have the ability to enable tracking by logging a job.

We recommend you start logging after a circle check or pre-trip, just before you start the jobs you have accepted in TREAD.

TREAD is a compliment to your workflow, and it will not replace the relationships you already have with dispatch.  Please call your dispatcher if there are any mistakes in the jobs allocated.  Dispatchers are able to cancel and resubmit jobs as needed.

When you have multiple jobs in a day, you can accept them all in TREAD after you have reviewed the job details.  Once you accept a job and start tracking, you can stop job 1 when you are done, and start logging job 2, etc. until you are done for the day.

In TREAD you can upload tickets as you go, or wait until the end of your workday to upload a ticket. Let us show you how, click here

In TREAD you can upload tickets as you go, or wait until the end of your workday to upload a ticket. Let us show you how, click here

Dispatches include pick-up and drop-off addresses or coordinates on a map. When an address or coordinates have been identified by TREAD, you will see a blue pin in the job and when you tap on it, you will be launching your default navigation app, like Google Maps or Apple Maps. It is recommended that you set your Apple device to use Google Maps, as our technology is optimized for it.

When you are logging a job, TREAD gets a ping from your device every 30 seconds – Only when you are logging a job – We call this message “Ghosting”. This message can be triggered for a number of reasons:

  • The battery of your phone has dropped below 20%. We recommend you keep your phone plugged in to avoid this
  • You are in or have entered into a “dead zone”. You’ll know if you are in a dead zone when your device has no internet access at all, and other trucks around you are also going into ghost mode. This shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes if you are constantly moving around
  • You have forced-quit the app TREAD. On iPhones and Androids, you can force quit apps. Generally, this is done by swiping up until all the “cards/apps” are visible and the app is swiped off the screen. In this case, simply re-open Tread
  • You have not enabled location services on your device. Please  click here to see the instructions for Apple devices, and click here to see the instructions for Android devices