All-in-one, user friendly dump truck dispatch software

Tread’s dump truck dispatching software eliminates constant phone calls, text messages, and follow ups by sending standardized driver requests directly to dispatchers. With cloud-based dump truck dispatcher software, hauling companies can update and access schedules at any time, anywhere—whether on the road, in the office, or on site. 

Instantly send time-sensitive information to all dump truck drivers on the same job and speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices. Whether an in-house fleet or subcontracted trucks, companies gain direct access to dispatch dump trucks, eliminating time spent waiting for subcontractor companies to forward requests.

Tread’s paperless e-ticketing solutions allow companies to digitally capture all scale-house tickets and save them in an easily-accessible hub for all dump truck drivers and material producers. Paperless ticketing streamlines company ticket operations by allowing drivers to sign tickets on Tread’s mobile app while on site and share them on our software, as well as eases company processes of working with large volumes of data by exporting ticket data for further analysis to an external system.

Beyond streamlining processes, e-ticketing increases company profitability with instant digital invoices, speeds up payments, and improves trust and safety among drivers and clients. Our e-ticketing solutions allow hauling companies to reduce fraud by detecting duplicate tickets and integrates seamlessly with Command Alkon’s CONNEX ticketing system, Sage Intacct and QuickBooks.

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What Tread's dump truck dispatch software offers

Reduce expenditures, clutter, and hassle by going digital with Tread.


Flexible scheduling and 30% faster dispatch with Tread's dump truck management software

  • Reduce dispatching process time and costs by 30%.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% with Tread’s standardized internal order forms.
  • Increase dump truck dispatcher efficiency by collaborating with multiple dispatchers to create shared schedules.
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More secure & more efficient job-site with our paperless e-ticketing solutions

  • Our e-ticketing software diminishes disputes by 17% and offers visibility to 3rd party stakeholders like DOTs.
  • Save 20+ hours in billing processing time for a fleet of 25 trucks.
  • Get instant visibility into field-generated tickets with 24/7 access.
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Multilingual customer support for your dump truck team

  • Simplify driver communications with English and Spanish in-app support.
  • Remote training for dispatchers and dump truck fleet managers.
  • Compliance dashboards and progress reporting showing dump truck driver and material producers performance.
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Assess driver and project productivity with Tread’s cycle time report solution

  • Track load delivery to identify job completion.
  • Easily identify outliers to solve issues on job site and asses hiring efficiency.
  • Track quantities of loads dispatched vs. delivered to assess dump truck driver performance.
  • Make data-backed operational decisions with real-time analytics.
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Truck fleet scheduling solutions to decrease driving time and maximize backhauling opportunities

  • Capture valuable information from existing workflows.
  • Optimize dump truck routes and material movement.
  • Track high-risk material like contaminated soil from site to dump.
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What Tread customers think

True Haul
FL, United States

Tread works perfectly for us, the onboarding went seamlessly. Even with a fleet that only speaks Spanish we were able to communicate how to use it in a few individualized sessions.

ON, Canada

Our customers and hired trucks feel confident using this platform, not only to help strengthen their relationship with Tomlinson, but to embrace the tools Tread has to offer.

With the excellent customer support and responsiveness to feedback, Tread staff has made our experience using Tread very enjoyable.

National Lime and Stone
OH, United States

Having worked with bulky hardware solutions in the past, we knew there was a better fully-digital way to get results – Tread became the ideal partner for us to achieve this goal.

Their truck management software and one-on-one support demonstrate that they are just as dedicated as we are to meeting our customers’ unique needs.

IN, United States

Before using TREAD, dispatching was like a puzzle… Now we save about two hours a day and can make adjustments to our fleet easily.

Siles and Sons
FL, United States

Tread actually has been able to facilitate from 20,000 text messages a month to one click. Send it to everybody, that is priceless. It has been more productive for all of us involved.

Red Rock Haulage
ON, Canada

Tread is really good. They train my drivers in my language in Punjabi, as well. My drivers really like their apps. They know where they’re going and exactly what time they’ll reach the job site.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-dump truck dispatch software

When dispatching and scheduling, job targets can be set to monitor and track loads and rates in real-time. When reporting, our system allows project owners to group projects, set targets and completion dates by group, as well as copy and duplicate targets for similar projects. This allows businesses to quickly identify project progress, as well as eliminate time spent on data entry and avoid data-entry mistakes.

Field-generated tickets are stored digitally in Tread’s cloud-based system, accessible at any time. This eliminates the need for paper billing and invoices, increasing accuracy and processing time. Digital tickets can be signed off and approved by on-site personnel, and emailed to key stakeholders attached to each project. Ticket information can also be searched, sorted, and filtered for easy ticket cycling and validation, as well as exported to an external system. 

Yes. With Tread’s dispatch system, hauling companies can dispatch directly to subcontracted trucks. Subcontractors can maintain visibility of their trucks while giving clients more access. Companies can also contact and track subcontract driver responses and statuses in real-time.

Tread’s dispatch software features allow hauling companies to track dump truck operating hours, distance traveled, and driver behavior. This allows companies to better manage equipment maintenance programs to prolong the life of their heavy machinery by taking a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance.

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