How Tread makes truck driver management faster and easier


What Tread customers think

True Haul
FL, United States

Tread works perfectly for us, the onboarding went seamlessly. Even with a fleet that only speaks Spanish we were able to communicate how to use it in a few individualized sessions.

ON, Canada

Our customers and hired trucks feel confident using this platform, not only to help strengthen their relationship with Tomlinson, but to embrace the tools Tread has to offer.

With the excellent customer support and responsiveness to feedback, Tread staff has made our experience using Tread very enjoyable.

Siles and Sons
FL, United States

Tread actually has been able to facilitate from 20,000 text messages a month to one click. Send it to everybody, that is priceless. It has been more productive for all of us involved.

National Lime and Stone
OH, United States

Having worked with bulky hardware solutions in the past, we knew there was a better fully-digital way to get results – Tread became the ideal partner for us to achieve this goal.

Their truck management software and one-on-one support demonstrate that they are just as dedicated as we are to meeting our customers’ unique needs.

IN, United States

Before using TREAD, dispatching was like a puzzle… Now we save about two hours a day and can make adjustments to our fleet easily.

Red Rock Haulage
ON, Canada

Tread is really good. They train my drivers in my language in Punjabi, as well. My drivers really like their apps. They know where they’re going and exactly what time they’ll reach the job site.

How Tread makes fleet management faster and easier

Tread’s driver management software allows for better dispatching, information sharing, scheduling, hiring, reporting, invoicing, and more.

Dispatchers gain full visibility into fleet vehicle locations and cycle times with our driver management system. Get notified of delays, unexpected stops, or detours in real-time to better manage the movement of construction materials and relay this information to site supervisors and create a seamless work experience. 

With Tread, dispatcher and driver communication is made easy! When drivers download the Tread app to their phone, our centralized messaging and communication system allows dispatchers to send important information, updates, or documents to all drivers at once. Gone are the days of messaging each driver individually. To improve communication even further, dispatchers are able to see if the driver has received and read messages or not. 

Our mobile app also makes it easy for drivers to communicate with dispatch, accurately log operating hours, report any issues or incidents. Better communication increases driver safety, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

Through Tread’s digital application, documents, data, and invoices are securely stored. They can be accessed by dispatchers, fleet managers, and business owners anytime, anywhere, through their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Tread’s reporting tools are able to compare driver pick up and drop off times, and commute timelines. Advanced GPS tracking collects driver behavior data that can be used to help fleet managers with driver scheduling, training, and hiring. Automate everything from dispatching, to payroll, to billing with Tread’s fleet management solutions.

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Tread's Modules for Truck Driver Management


Dispatch & Scheduling

  • Realize 30% time and cost savings for dispatching activities.
  • Increase order accuracy by 15% using Tread's order forms.
  • Instantly send time-sensitive information to all drivers on the same job.
  • Provide proactive communication to your clients on the progress of jobs.
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Information Sharing

  • Better information sharing without the need to phone or text clients directly.
  • Hours per week saved on data entry and communication.
  • Reduced physical contact & easier social distancing on your job-sites.
  • Control over your data and privacy.
  • Shared source of truth for your billing data.
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Hire Management

  • Create a centralized hire database and prioritize your hires based off of past performance with our priority field.
  • Remove repetitive manual process of managing trucks.
  • Digitize DVIRs and ensure compliance for regulated inspections.
  • Ensure the best performing trucks are on your most important jobs.
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Performance & Reporting

  • Get more work and bid more accurately on the next job by having better insights into the last one.
  • Reduced manual work for users with filtered and scheduled reports.
  • Know which hires are performing well or who needs improvement.
  • Faster billing and invoicing cycles lead to quicker payments.
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Compliance Support

  • Better compliance from drivers means more data collected.
  • Driver usage feeds into insights/reporting, invoicing & billing, and dispatch workflows.
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Invoicing & Billing

  • Faster invoicing and settlement process.
  • Accurate, verifiable billing information.
  • Faster money transfer on load and time based jobs.
  • Instant access to invoicing and settlement information.
  • Enjoy zero transactional discrepancies with Tread’s paperless, e-ticketing system.
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Schedule Optimizer

  • Recommendations to dispatchers for backhauling and more efficient schedules.
  • Improve performance and return on hauling spend by up to 15%.
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