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Meet the Team: Leart Pireva, Senior Product Manager


Who are you? Where are you located?

My name is Leart, I'm a Senior Product Manager at Tread, and I'm based in Toronto, Ontario

Tell us about your role.

As a product manager here at Tread, one of our big goals is to identify the big customer needs, make sure they're aligned with the product vision and strategy alongside the company vision, and identify what the success of these needs are. The products by building, and the metrics required as well as rally a team around building this feature, or this product need.

What do you love about your role?


Communication with customers - daily, or every other day - is enjoyable. Understanding their needs and getting to know them.

As well as the communication that occurs internally with everyone else in the business. You get to know everyone and try
and accumulate all the different ideas across the business sense into a product feature.

What is your favorite perk that Tread offers?

Aside from the swag, I think Summer Fridays is a perk I enjoy here.

Why should someone choose to work at Tread?

Culture is probably the number one reason. Everyone is extremely helpful, smart, and driven. That is a massive perk when you start a job somewhere like Tread, where you get help from everyone in the company.

A close second is the problems we're solving. We're solving really big problems in a really big industry, so every day feels fulfilling.

I'd say those two are the big reasons someone should join Tread.