Tread team member feature: Alicia Francis- Senior Product Manager

We interviewed Alicia to get insights about Tread’s product.


Could you please tell us about your background and your current role?

My current role at Tread is Sr. Product Manager. Right now I’m primarily focusing on our reporting and optimization features, although I’ve worked on all aspects of Tread’s platform. I went to school for fine arts with a specialization in new media, and my career has primarily been focused on user experience and design. 

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy chatting with our clients and being able to work quickly to find solutions to the problems they’re facing. Understanding their pain points and then seeing how the problems we’re solving are positively impacting their daily workflow is a great feeling.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

I really love making things. I spend a lot of time cooking, and I also really enjoy learning about more “small-scale” construction projects like my DIY home and van renovation.

As a product manager, what’s an average work day like for you?

Each day is different, which is something I really like. The things that remain constant are talking to clients, and working with the amazing team we’ve built at Tread to solve the problems they face.

How do you approach designing new features or products? 

Every feature we’ve built has been to solve a problem that we’ve heard about from our clients, so it definitely always starts there. From that point, it’s a collaborative effort with everyone at Tread and with our clients. I think the most important aspects are making sure we define the problem accurately, then creating a plan for a solution and awesome user experience, and, finally, building a high quality solution out with engineering. 

What’s your favorite Tread feature and why?

I like small features that have a big impact, so Text-to-Accept is one of my favourite features. It seems like a small change to have drivers type “Ok” instead of opening the app to respond, but allowing drivers to accept through text like they were used to made a big difference for both dispatchers and drivers and how they can communicate more effectively.

From your perspective, how does Tread solve our customers’ challenges?

Our customers have some really complex problems they’re looking at on a daily basis. Something we’ve heard a lot from clients is that Tread is easy to use. I think we solve our customers’ challenges by listening to their pain points, and building solutions that they can rely on every day that feel really simple, even though they’re doing a lot of complex work.

Can you name a few changes you’d expect to happen in the construction industry in the future?

From a few years ago when I started at Tread, I’ve noticed a big change in how our customers look at digital solutions. I think there’s a lot more comfort around shifting off of paper because everyone has seen the value a solution like Tread can provide. With the shift to digital, I think there’s a lot more opportunity for better communication, planning and more efficient utilization of resources. 

Is there a problem & solution that you’d love to work on in the future in the construction industry?

I would love to continue to find more efficiency and streamline workflows in the construction industry. Right now, we’re certainly focused on finding those efficiencies in how dump trucks deliver materials, but I think there’s so many other parts of the industry to look at in order to reduce waste, increase utilization, and, of course, to make these complex workflows feel a little bit lighter for people working in construction.

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