What we do

Tread is a digital platform that makes the business of moving construction materials easier, faster and more profitable.

Today, Tread helps its customers improve budgets, timelines, and visibility into cycle times, while analyzing data and delivering action-based reports on where to find operational efficiencies.

How we got here

Tread launches as a marketplace for homebuilders to access material haulers.
Tread joins Creative Destruction Lab.
Tread launches with first institutional clients and begins developing vendor network platform.
Tread joins Techstars and raises first institutional capital.
Tread launches in US market.
Tread closes Series A financing round.
Tread partners with Command Alkon.

Meet the team

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team-0-Ahmed Nawaz (he/him)
Ahmed Nawaz (he/him)
Product Manager

Ahmed has spent the past 5 years scaling companies in the startup world. As an early employee at UberEats, he helped restaurants modernize through platform-based sales. Today, he manages implementations/onboardings of Tread’s customers. When he is not in the office, you can find him spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, and cruising on his motorcycle!

team-1-Alexandra Poole (she/her)
Alexandra Poole (she/her)
Research Engineer

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Alex moved across the country to complete her Masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about harnessing the power of AI to help people make better informed decisions, ultimately saving them time and money. Outside of the office, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, sometimes with a cocktail in hand.

team-2-Anastasia Powell (she/her)
Anastasia Powell (she/her)
Director of QA

Whether she’s designing replicas for cosplay, trying out every new food recipe she finds, or hunting for a new addition to her geek collectibles, Anastasia’s passion for QA Management and Testing continues to evolve and grow while working at Tread Inc.

team-3-Anupriya Selvam
Anupriya Selvam
QA Specialist
Anupriya is QA Specialist with experience working in e-commerce applications. Apart from work, she loves to cook spicy foods and spend most of the time gardening in summer. She also enjoys going for trail walks, especially in the fall.
team-4-Ben Morse (he/him)
Ben Morse (he/him)
Director of Sales

Ben has worked in construction, technology and real estate in Canada for 4+ years and across North America for 2+ years. During this time Ben has served in enterprise and SME sales, business development, and start-up leadership roles. Ben is passionate about family, community building and mentorship. Central to all Ben’s personal and professional pursuits is trust, quality execution, teamwork and fun!

team-5-Bir Partap Singh (he/him)
Bir Partap Singh (he/him)
Account Manager

Bir has a passion for entrepreneurship, having started successful businesses in hospitality, logistics and real estate. He’s lived in the US, UK and India, and enjoys meeting new people and exploring different cultures. He loves to explore new cities through their food scene and is an avid audiophile.

team-6-Brian Normandin (he/him)
Brian Normandin (he/him)
Account Executive

Brian has spent the last 10+ years in sales working in sectors from digital marketing to educational technology. Outside of work, you can find him surfing throughout Southern California, at a Lakers or Angels game, and with his dog, Junior, always by his side.

team-7-Crystal Chan (she/her)
Crystal Chan (she/her)
Staff FS Software Engineer

Crystal is an Asian code monkey who thrives on exploration and curiosity. Being a monkey, she loves climbing and cooking all the things! You’ll often find her searching for new recipes to try or finding unique places to discover.

team-8-Curtis Lederle (he/him)
Curtis Lederle (he/him)
Head of Sales

Inspired largely by Legos, Curt trained and worked as a civil engineer before transitioning into business. After selling everything from wind turbines to SaaS API platforms, he’s now found his dream job with Tread combining construction and technology. When not on video calls evangelizing Tread, you can find him exploring trails and the lakes in Minnesota with his wife and two dogs!

team-9-Dominique Luna (he/him)
Dominique Luna (he/him)
Software Engineer

Dominique is a generalist software engineer with experience working on self-driving car technology, and contributes to the Julia programming language ecosystem. Additionally, he’s an advocate for lifelong learning and exploring one’s limits – whether it be learning a new topic or hiking up a snowy mountain in the dead of winter with nothing but shorts.

team-10-Erika Geremia (she/her)
Erika Geremia (she/her)
Director of Customer Success

Erika is a proud Treadinator, dog-mom, hiker, and cyclist based in Toronto. She spent the first half of her career in eCommerce, leading eBay’s partnership program and travelling across North America to teach business owners about the power of eCommerce. She now leads Tread’s customer success team, working with dispatchers, drivers, and operations managers to better manage their day-to-day operations with our platform.”

team-11-Gabriel Bussieres (he/him)
Gabriel Bussieres (he/him)
Software Engineer

Gab is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. He’s a backend developer at Tread and has a passion for learning new things. When he’s not coding or gaming, he’s reading research on psychology and tech.

team-12-Jean-Philippe McCluskey (he/him)
Jean-Philippe McCluskey (he/him)
Software Engineer

JP is a software engineer who enjoys building and optimizing the world around him. In his spare time enjoys getting lost in the woods and making videos.

team-13-Joey Keum (he/him)
Joey Keum (he/him)
Software Engineer

Joey is a recent graduate excited to start his journey at Tread. Outside of work, he likes to explore the internet for various things ranging from gaming to new emerging technologies.

team-14-Josh Lamontagne (he/him)
Josh Lamontagne (he/him)
Staff FS Software Engineer


team-15-Keerysanth Sribaskaran (he/him)
Keerysanth Sribaskaran (he/him)
Software Engineer

Keerysanth is a Software Engineer from University of Toronto, who loves learning and applying new and exciting technologies. In his spare time, you will find him improving his cooking skills by attempting recipes found online, with varying degrees of success. You can also find him playing video games, board games and MTG with his friends, as well as riding this bike during the spring and summer seasons.

team-16-Laura Liggett (she/her)
Laura Liggett (she/her)
Customer Success Representative

Laura is a Torontonian born and raised. With 12+ years experience working in hospitality, she is an expert helper of people and a true customer advocate. She can often be found eating food, talking about food, or looking up fun food related facts.  In a post-covid world she will once again be travelling to new places (in search of food).

team-17-Lauren Mandel (she/her)
Lauren Mandel (she/her)
Director of People Operations

Lauren is a Human Resources professional with experience working in a fast-paced and growth environment. She is passionate about people and believes that employees are a company’s greatest assets. When Lauren isn’t working she enjoys traveling, working out (always up for trying the latest fitness fad), and socializing with friends and family. As this is hard to do during the pandemic, more recently she spends most of her time improving her cooking skills and giving back to the community.

team-18-Lorena Grijalva (she/her)
Lorena Grijalva (she/her)
Customer Success Representative

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico – the most visited border city globally, with its sister city, San Diego, CA. Lorena moved to Toronto in 2017 after completing an MBA in Mexico, bringing her bi-cultural background and love for Elton John’s and The Beatles’ music, to study two certificates in Marketing Research and Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategy. Since she was 13 years old, working in a customer-facing role taught her how to build long-term customer relationships. She’s passionate about blending the Baby Boomers’ work ethic with modern customer care and finding insights to optimize branding experience.

team-19-Marco Alvarez (he/him)
Marco Alvarez (he/him)
Customer Success Manager

Marco has been helping people be successful in the e-commerce and software industry for over 20 years. He lives on Vancouver Island and when he’s not helping our amazing truckers and dispatchers, you will find him in the kitchen, hiking in the woods or photographing the milky way.

team-20-Maria Pospelova (she/her)
Maria Pospelova (she/her)
Growth Operations Manager


team-21-Matija Kamikovski (he/him)
Matija Kamikovski (he/him)
Head of Finance

When Matija isn’t preparing financial statements or hustling cash, he’s playing guitar, keeping fit, and reading. A native of former Yugoslavia, Matija grew up in Toronto but has also lived in Costa Rica and Uganda. He is passionate about helping medium-sized businesses scale, specifically by professionalizing their finance and operations.

team-22-Megan McCain (she/her)
Megan McCain (she/her)
Account Executive

Megan has been in sales for 10+ years and the majority of that time has been spent in the construction and transportation industry. She took a short break to work and volunteer with the Red Cross, but these industries are her passion. When Megan isn’t working, she enjoys fishing, live music, time spent with friends, and warm weather.

team-23-Mia Henderson (she/her)
Mia Henderson (she/her)
Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Mia is a cloud infrastructure specialist who likes to make work better for developers, ensuring that the right way to do things is also the easy way. She loves dresses with pockets and cooking up a storm for friends (usually while listening to Stan Rogers, Gillian Welch, and one thousand podcasts). Though it may sound like she’s a bit of an indoor kid, she also loves cycling and spending time in the outdoors.

team-24-Michael Jacobson (he/him)
Michael Jacobson (he/him)
Account Executive

A former sports business student, Michael quickly transitioned into construction sales post university. Born into a construction family, he continues to serve the industry with over 5 years of experience in B2B sales and on site management. Outside of work, he spends his time in the wild, going on canoe trips and hiking the tallest mountains.

team-25-Natalie Ronson (she/her)
Natalie Ronson (she/her)
Software Engineer

A former biology student, Natalie has found new and exciting challenges in her work as a web developer. Outside of work, she likes to unwind playing guitar and going for walks in her neighbourhood. You can also catch her dog in the background of all her zoom calls.

team-26-Natasha Gouveia
Natasha Gouveia
Product Designer

Natasha is an artist turned designer with a focus on product strategy and research. She has worked at CIBC and Nextech AR Solutions and loves working collaboratively to solve problems with an empathy-first approach. Prior to her design career, Natasha has studied at OCAD University and Brainstation and has worked as an artist, arts instructor and an arts administrator. In Natasha’s spare time, she loves trying new food, going to galleries, biking, climbing, and getting herded by her Shetland Sheepdog named Leto.

team-27-Noah Dolgoy (he/him)
Noah Dolgoy (he/him)

Noah was first exposed to the challenges of managing heavy equipment and subcontractors when he started a residential construction business while attending university. While he worked in infrastructure private equity and corporate law, he subsequently advised an excavation company where he experienced the same challenges as in his first business, prompting him to turn to technology in 2016 and start Tread. Outside of work, you can find him running and camping in the woods.

team-28-Pratik Irudayaraj (he/him)
Pratik Irudayaraj (he/him)
Technical Product Manager


team-29-Raymond Chow (he/him)
Raymond Chow (he/him)
Senior Product Manager

Raymond has spent the past 10 years building products in the Access Control, Inspection & Safety, Fleet/Telematics and Automotive industries. Outside of work, Raymond spends his time with my wife, 3 kids, running and skiing.

team-30-Steve Chadwick (he/him)
Steve Chadwick (he/him)
Software Developer Co-Op

Steve is a second year computer science student at Carleton University and is excited to be joining the team at Tread for his first Co-Op. He loves hand tossing his pizza dough, pulling the perfect shot of espresso, reading a dense fantasy novel, and playing video games.

team-31-Thomas Poetting (he/him)
Thomas Poetting (he/him)
Software Test Specialist Co-Op

A current Computer Systems Engineer student based in Ottawa, Thomas is always seeking ways to expand his knowledge through real-life experience in the workplace. In his free time you’ll find him catching up on the weekly comic releases, running, and trying to complete his video game backlog.

team-32-Tyler DuBroy
Tyler DuBroy
Account Manager

Born and raised in Ottawa, ON, Tyler has 10+ years experience in the construction industry, operating scales, dispatching trucks and managing the implementation of Tread solutions throughout one of Eastern Ontario’s most prominent construction companies. Outside of work he loves spending time with his wife and son, travelling to California, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, and making hot sauce.

team-33-Zhan Liau (he/him)
Zhan Liau (he/him)
Manager of Software Engineering

Zhan loves the outdoors. In the winter he can be found on the slopes with his snowboard, and in the summer either on the trails with his mountain bike or on a rock wall somewhere.Video games are an all-season thing for him though.

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